Buzz: Mark Cuban mad about officiating in Miami again

DALLAS – Mark Cuban came home from his Caribbean vacation complaining about NBA officiating.

While watching from his Cayman Islands getaway home, Cuban was irate about the officiating late in regulation of the Mavericks’ overtime loss to the Miami Heat on Wednesday night.

“They were lucky I wasn’t there,” Cuban said while doing his normal pregame stairstepper routine Saturday night.

Cuban was particularly perturbed about an out-of-bounds call that went the Heat’s way despite replays appearing to show the ball go off of Miami’s Dwyane Wade. The officials are supposed to use replay to review such situations in the final two minutes if there is any uncertainty, but the crew of James Capers, Mark Ayotte and Eric Lewis didn’t take a second look at the play.

“Let’s just say I thought there was a misapplication of the rules when they didn’t review the out of bounds with 1:45 to go,” Cuban said. “At least from the replay on TV, it looked like Wade hit it.

“I would have thrown the challenge flag on that one.”

Coach Rick Carlisle has mentioned that a couple of debatable calls went against the Mavs down the stretch. (There was a lot of contact between Wade and Dirk Nowitzki on a steal that led to a Miami breakaway basket.) Carlisle declined to elaborate after the game, saying he wasn’t in the “money-spending mood.”

Cuban, whose fine totals from the NBA office have reached seven figures during his 13-year ownership tenure, certainly didn’t go on one of his classic tirades about the quality of officiating in the league. However, Cuban made it clear that he isn’t happy with the refs again.

“I will tell you this: We used to turn plays in all the time,” said Cuban, who did complain to the NBA office about the out-of-bounds play. “We don’t do it anymore. I just turned it in because I was mad, but it’s just not worth the time. You know the definition of insanity.”

Miami’s AmericanAirlines Arena was the scene of Cuban’s most infamous ref-related tirade. He got fined a personal-high of $250,000 after the Mavs’ controversial Game 5 loss in the 2006 NBA Finals, when he stormed the floor to scream at the officials after Wade’s parade to the free throw line and made critical postgame comments.

Cuban said he seriously considered selling the franchise after the Mavs lost that series.

“We put out feelers, but it was going to cost me too much money,” Cuban said. “I was really questioning some of the integrity, but I got past it. That was a long time ago, so we’ll let it go.”

As far as Wednesday’s loss goes, that’s still fresh.