Crash course on overseas stash candidates

You didn't have the time or money to fly all over the world and evaluate the international prospects in this draft? Not to mention the expertise?

Have no fear, ESPN's Fran Fraschilla is here, there and everywhere.

Fraschilla, the former college coach and Dallas resident, has seen all of the top international prospects in person. He's studied their games and talked to their coaches. And he's happy to share his scouting expertise on players who could be a fit for the Mavs as draft-and-stash prospects, ranking those players and providing quickie scouting reports for ESPNDallas.com.

Based on conversations with team sources, Fraschilla's thoughts on the international crop match up pretty well with the Mavs'.

Fraschilla's top international prospect: German PG Dennis Schroeder

"At 13, he's the (international) guy I would take. He's not ready. None of these guys are, but Schroeder is ideal, especially if they're stuck picking somebody. I wouldn't take any of these other guys at 13. ... (Rajon) Rondo is the best comparison because of the athletic attributes. This kid is a better shooter, but to say he's going to be Rondo is an obvious stretch. But the physical attributes are there. All he needs is more seasoning. ... I don't think he's Tony Parker at 19 (years old). I think he needs another year of seasoning in Europe. The similarity would be with the rules the way they are, they are just going to get into the lane on anybody. ... Schroeder has an edge to him. He's got a little Rondo to him, both on and off the court. Has got a little nasty. If anything, he's got a little edge that you'll have to keep in check. But I'd rather have a little edge than to have to check his pulse. ... He's a pure point guard. He has the speed and the body type. He sees the game fairly well. He's instinctive. He's very quick, great first step. ... If you looked at him in person, you would rightfully be excited about him. You really would. He's a good developmental prospect. Baseline to me is (Schroeder will be a) starter three or four years from now. I don't see star yet, but that's definitely within the realm of possibility."

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