Dollars and Sense: Bernard James

The NBA is about competition on the floor, but it’s also about dollars and cents. Teams now must find players who can outperform deals they’re signed to and use them as assets on the floor or as assets to flip in order to acquire a game-changing piece. ESPNDallas.com will grade how the Dallas Mavericks fared in terms of contracts of their new acquisitions.

Bernard James: Re-signed to a one-year, $788,872 contract.

With the Mavs needing to create a little more wiggle room to complete the signing of Monta Ellis, they had to put James on waivers. Many fans were left wondering why the Mavs didn’t do anything they could to at least get an asset back in return for James before letting him go. Even if it was a second-round pick, that was perceived to be better than nothing.

Having legitimate big man size and some mobility, many expected that James wouldn’t clear waivers, especially based on the fact that any team could put a claim on him. Fans were then shocked to see that James was able to clear waivers and he was immediately re-signed by the Mavs. That sheds some light on why the Mavs might not have been able to consummate a deal in exchange for the big man.

Project player or not, the dollar value fits for the Mavs. He’ll likely maintain his role as the third option at the center position.

Grade: B-