Cuban on Sterling: The obvious is the obvious

DALLAS -- Mavericks owner Mark Cuban doesn’t consider it productive for him to provide commentary on the racist remarks allegedly made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“Sometimes people think you have to comment on everything in this day and age,” Cuban said. “When somebody says something, it’s better to just let what’s been said be the headline, because that sends a far greater message.”

The comments, made public when TMZ released a recording of an argument with Sterling and his girlfriend, are being investigated by the NBA. Cuban deferred to the league office when asked about potential discipline for Sterling.

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich called the comments “disgusting.” The usually outspoken Cuban felt it was unnecessary for him to weigh in on the issue.

“They stand on their own, just because they’re pretty self-evident on the surface,” Cuban said. “There’s no reason to add any commentary or headlines to it. ...

“The obvious is the obvious. There’s no reason for me to repeat the obvious.”

Cuban did acknowledge the severity of the issue, but he repeatedly said it’s an issue for commissioner Adam Silver and the league to address.

“Obviously if any business or entrepreneur says and does things that aren’t congruent with what the organization’s trying to convey, that’s a problem,” Cuban said.

“But it’s not my problem. Not my chair, not my problem. I’m not going to offer any opinions. It’s just not appropriate.”