Mavs, Cuban support Silver's ban of Sterling

DALLAS -- The lifetime ban of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling handed down by NBA commissioner Adam Silver was applauded at the American Airlines Center.

“Decisive and correct,” Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. “There’s no new commissioner in the history of sports who’s more prepared for this kind of moment and this kind of decision than Adam Silver. He’s been studying under the best commissioner, in my opinion, in the history of sports. He’s handled this thing extremely well, and it’s not an easy situation.”

Mavs owner Mark Cuban called the possibility of forcing Sterling out of the league “a slippery slope” on Monday night, expressing disgust with the racist comments attributed to Sterling but concern about the precedent that would be set by forcing him to sell the Clippers. However, Cuban tweeted his support of Silver’s decision during the commissioner’s press conference Tuesday afternoon.

Mavs sixth man Vince Carter, a 16-year veteran, expressed sadness that the Sterling situation has overshadowed the playoffs to this point and appreciation that the league can move on now.

“Glad it’s over,” Carter said. “It’s a tough situation. I think everybody had their individual feelings. It’s unfortunate somebody still thinks that way, like a lot of players have said. Something had to be done, especially [because there] is a game today. That decision needed to be made just so those guys [on the Clippers] can clear their mind and play the game and we can kind of move on from this.

“I’m just glad it’s over.”

The ban of Sterling is sure to dominate the news cycle for at least another day, but at some point, the focus should point toward the phenomenal first round of these playoffs that have featured so many fascinating games and series.

“That’s everyone’s hope,” Carlisle said. “Today’s decision is certainly a step in that direction. We’re all so fortunate to be part of a game that transcends these kinds of misguided ignorance. The beauty and ideals of our game will long outlive these kinds of things that should not happen.”