Bosh to Dallas? Don't hold your breath

How sweet would it be for the Mavericks to sign local product Chris Bosh this summer?

Bradford Doolittle and Amin Elhassan consider it the ideal scenario in their ESPN Insider “Roster Reload” piece.

I respectfully disagree. More importantly, so do the Mavs and Bosh.

Bosh, who led Dallas Lincoln High to an undefeated season and mythical national title as a senior, has made it clear over the years that the thought of playing in his hometown doesn’t appeal to him. The ridiculous numbers of ticket requests and demands for his time would outweigh home cooking, in his mind.

The Mavs’ immediate goal is to give Dirk Nowitzki the best possible chance to contend for another championship during his golden years, and they don’t consider Bosh to be a good fit next to the big German.

Bosh and Nowitzki, two of the best jump-shooting big men in the game, like to operate from a lot of the same areas offensively. An athletic big man who does a lot of damage in the lane and on the offensive glass – such as last summer’s target, Dwight Howard – would be a much better complement to Nowitzki.

Bosh, more of a power forward who can play center, is a smart defender but not the rim-protecting, rebounding-ripping defensive anchor the Mavs would like next to the athletically-challenged Nowitzki. Bosh has never averaged more than 1.4 blocks per game in a season, and his rebounding average has dipped under seven per game the last two seasons.

It’s not that the Mavs couldn’t make use of Bosh on their roster. Just not for the suggested $20 million-per-year price tag. Or even close to it.

And it’d make no sense for Bosh to opt out of the remaining two years and $42.7 million on his contract with the Miami Heat to sign somewhere else for significantly less.

The Mavs would much rather sign Marcin Gortat, whom they targeted in the 2009 offseason, away from the Washington Wizards. Or trade for old friend Tyson Chandler if the New York Knicks go into rebuilding mode and want to slash salary.

Entering next season with Samuel Dalembert as the starting center again after using the cap space to upgrade other positions wouldn’t be a worst-case scenario, either.

That’s much more likely than bringing Bosh home.