Mark Cuban hopes to honor Tim Duncan

DALLAS – Mark Cuban rooted for the San Antonio Spurs to win the title after they eliminated his Dallas Mavericks last season, in large part because he hoped one more ring would lead Tim Duncan to ride off into the sunset.

But Duncan didn’t retire, returning to San Antonio for his 18th season. Cuban hopes it will be Duncan’s last and would like to honor the future Hall of Famer on March 24, the Spurs’ last scheduled trip to Dallas of the season.

“If we get word that it’s his last year here, we’ll do something special,” said Cuban, who would similarly honor former Mavs Steve Nash and Jason Terry if they make it clear they plan to retire at the end of the season. “We did the same thing for David Robinson. I’m hoping Tim will bless us with those words. “

What kind of farewell prize might Cuban offer Duncan? The possibilities are practically limitless.

“Probably worth a salary-cap violation,” Cuban joked.