Chandler Parsons in shooting slump

DALLAS -- Chandler Parsons has never had a worse offensive weekend.

Heck, not many players in NBA history have.

Parsons shot a combined 2-of-20 from the floor and had a grand total of one assist during the Dallas Mavericks’ two games over the weekend. It’s by far the ugliest two-game stretch of his career, which is early in its fourth season.

The flu-like symptoms he was fighting Friday night might have partially explained Parsons’ 1-of-11 shooting, five-point night in the win over the Utah Jazz. However, he said he felt fine physically during a 1-of-9, four-point stinker in Sunday’s loss to the Miami Heat.

The Mavs’ $46 million man is simply in an awful slump.

“I’ve never really gone through a slump where I shot the ball this poorly,” said Parsons, whose numbers for the season have dipped to 13.6 points and 1.4 assists per game with shooting percentages of 39.1 percent from the floor and 27.6 percent from 3-point range. “That’s part of the game. I’ve just got to stick with it and continue to be confident.

“Law of averages, I’m not going to continue to shoot the ball this poorly throughout an 82-game [season], but it’s definitely frustrating. I’ve just got to continue to shoot the ball.”

The quality of shots isn’t a problem for Parsons, whose only bucket against the Heat came on a driving dunk long after the game was decided. He’s missing layups and open looks from long range, where he was 0-of-8 over the weekend.

His shot looks extraordinarily flat and is hitting front rim on a regular basis, but Parsons doesn’t feel the need to make any mechanical tweaks, saying his shot never has a lot of lift.

“I feel confident,” Parsons said. “I try to shoot the same shot every time. I’m getting good looks. They’re just not falling, but that’s just one minor part of the game. I can impact the game in so many different ways. I’ve got to try and find ways to do that, help us get wins even when the shot’s not falling.”

The Mavs value Parsons’ all-around game, but they wouldn’t have given him all that money unless they believed he was capable of serving as an offensive focal point along with Dirk Nowitzki.

Parsons fit the bill during Dallas’ recent three-game winning streak, averaging 23.3 points on 56.8 percent shooting during that span. However, he’s had five or fewer points three times in seven games this season, something Parsons did only once last season with the Houston Rockets.

“Just gotta keep stepping into them,” Nowitzki said, offering his advice to Parsons. “I think the worst thing you can do as a shooter is hesitate. You’ve gotta keep believing the next one is in. When you start 0-for-10, you step into the next one like you’ve been hot. That’s got to be a shooter’s mindset.”

This weekend for Parsons has got to be a shooter’s nightmare.