Holger is here; Dirk looks forward to break from him

DALLAS -- The man in the plaid flannel shirt has arrived for his annual midseason visit.

Holger Geschwindner, who has been a mentor and shot doctor for Dirk Nowitzki for two decades, flew in from Germany on Monday and attended the Dallas Mavericks' win over the Minnesota Timberwolves at the American Airlines Center. He’ll travel with the team on its road trip and stick around at least until the All-Star break, putting his prized pupil through extra shooting sessions to fine-tune Nowitzki’s Hall of Fame form.

Nowitzki isn’t certain exactly how long Geschwindner will stay in the states this trip. Their routine over the years has been for Geschwindner to travel to the All-Star Game with Nowitzki, but for only the second time in the last 14 years, Nowitzki isn’t part of the NBA’s midseason showcase.

“So I’m not sure if he’s leaving before or staying or what he’s doing,” Nowitzki said.

One thing is clear: The 36-year-old Nowitzki is going to get a break from basketball during the All-Star break.

“I’m going somewhere to enjoy a few days and I’m not taking him,” Nowitzki said, cracking a smile. “That’s a good thing.”