Mark Cuban defends Seahawks' pass call

OAKLAND, Calif. – Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban considers the many critics of the Seattle Seahawks’ decision to pass from the 1-yard line with the Super Bowl on the line to be “idiots.”

Russell Wilson’s pass was intercepted at the goal line by New England Patriots rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler with 20 seconds remaining, killing the Seahawks’ comeback hopes. That prompted an avalanche of criticism from people who thought Seattle should have handed the ball to Pro Bowl running Marshawn Lynch, a group that included many current and former NFL players.

However, Cuban believes Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and offensive coordinator Darren Bevell made the right call despite the disastrous result.

“If it was me and that happened, I’d be pissed, but I wouldn’t be mad at the coach and I wouldn’t be mad at the call,” Cuban said. “If they ran it and got stopped, I would be mad. Because then that means you p------ out.

“Those people that said, ‘Oh, it’s the worst call ever,’ they’re idiots. Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences. So what I say is worth what it’s worth, but they’ve never been in a situation where you’ve got to make a call where everything, literally everything, is on the line. If you’re afraid to go with what’s gotten you there, you’re not long for this league.”

Cuban praised the Seahawks coaching staff for “the randomness of the plays that they called” and not playing to the odds.

“I don’t know if they gave the reason why they called that particular play, but there’s a reason,” Cuban said. “I’ll go with the logic of that reason versus conventional wisdom every day, because the guys who follow conventional wisdom are the ones looking for jobs right now.”