Bieber-esque Parsons fired up for NBA fashion show

What are the chances that Chandler Parsons emerges victorious after prancing down the runway as part of the NBA’s first official fashion show?

“Nonexistent,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said with a laugh.

Parsons is one of eight players who will participate in NBA All-Star Style, a one-hour fashion show produced by LeBron James’ Springhill Production Company, filmed Friday night at New York’s Hammerstein Theater and scheduled to air at 6:30 p.m. ET Saturday on TNT. The event will have three rounds: dressing for the boardroom, a night out and attire worn to the game.

“I have a stylist that’s going to go and dress me for the three different looks,” said Parsons, who has never done a fashion show before and is eagerly looking forward to the experience. “I haven’t seen them yet, so it’s going to be a surprise, but they’re going to be extremely, extremely attractive.”

Parsons, who has dabbled in modeling, takes his fashion pretty seriously. But his wardrobe, which features a lot of ridiculously expensive skinny jeans and funky shirts and shoes, is a source of great humor for some of the older members of the Mavs’ organization.

“You want to know the truth? I think his fashion is horrible,” Dirk Nowitzki said. “But, then again, he tells me I dress like an old man. We think he dresses like Justin Bieber. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, then I guess you can vote for him. If you like some grown-man stuff, some slacks, some button-downs, then I got him beat.”

Nowitzki once sarcastically offered Parsons a pair of trainer’s scissors to help him change out of a pair of particularly tight skinny jeans. However, as far as Nowitzki is concerned, the pants aren’t Parsons’ biggest fashion faux pas.

“I don’t think his jeans are the worst,” Nowitzki said. “Sometimes these sweaters that he wears that hang down to his knees – the female pajamas, I call ‘em – that’s the worst look, his sweaters. His shoe game is OK. Sometimes it’s a little too over the top for me, but like I said, these young boys these days, the flashier, the better.”

Suffice to say, some of Parsons’ especially outrageous outfits have resulted in some strange looks from Rick Carlisle, but the coach has come to respect Parsons’ tendency to push the fashion envelope.

“Listen, it’s not my cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no value in him wearing that stuff,” Carlisle said. “I wouldn’t say he’s the worst dresser. I would just say he has a lot of balls wearing that stuff.”