Popping off? Salah Mejri swears he didn't after dunk in blowout

DALLAS -- There is probably never a good time for an opposing player to talk trash to San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

If there is, it sure isn’t when your team is down 21 points early in the second quarter.

It appeared that Dallas Mavericks reserve center Salah Mejri did just that after dunking on the Spurs. He certainly yelled something as he ran past the San Antonio bench, but the 29-year-old rookie from Tunisia insists that his hollering wasn’t directed at anyone in particular, much less the legendary Pop.

Popovich reacted with a shake of his head and a smirk, asking “What’d I do?” to injured Spurs star Tim Duncan.

“He was in my vision, but I did not yell at him,” said Mejri, who was surprised to see his Twitter mentions flooded after the Mavs’ blowout loss. “He is one of the greatest coaches in the league, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to yell at him. I never did that in my life.

“I did not yell at their bench. I had no problem with nobody, but I was excited about the dunk. You can ask their coach if I said something bad, but I did not.”

Well, Pop, what did Mejri say?

“I have no idea,” Popovich said. “It was pretty funny, though.”