Mavs' Zaza Pachulia, Chandler Parsons: Heated exchange was 'nothing'

ORLANDO -- Zaza Pachulia and Chandler Parsons sure picked a strange way to celebrate a bucket in a critical moment.

After Parsons’ game-tying pullup jumper with 1:59 remaining in overtime, Pachulia pushed his Dallas Mavericks teammate with his right arm from behind as they jogged toward the bench for a timeout, shouting at Parsons.

Parsons replied with an animated gesture and shouted back at Pachulia. They continued the intense conversation all the way back to the bench, with Parsons getting in Pachulia’s face briefly, wrapping both arms around the big man.

After a much calmer conversation in the locker room that lasted a few minutes following the 110-104 loss to the Orlando Magic, Parsons and Pachulia shook hands and both insisted the exchange was no big deal.

“Nothing at all. Nothing,” Pachulia said. “It’s not the thing you guys are thinking. Trust me, we were talking. We’re trying to help this team. We’re trying to win, bottom line.”

Added Parsons: “Part of the game, getting excited for each other when he makes [plays] and we get on each other during the game. That’s just part of it. That was a little bit of a combination of both, but we both know it’s nothing personal. We’re just trying to win the game.”

The disagreement stemmed from Pachulia not immediately setting a screen when Parsons called for it. Pachulia apparently didn’t appreciate Parsons barking at him after the center set the pick that gave Parsons space to get off his jumper.

“He set a great screen; I got a wide-open pullup,” Parsons said. “It really was nothing. I was telling him, ‘Good screen.’ He was telling me, ‘Good shot.’ Stop digging.”