MLS Cup vs the Supporter Shield

Yesterday New York Red Bulls coach Hans Backe sounded off on a topic I hold dear to my heart, MLS Cup vs the Supporters Shield. Here's a short taste, you can read more of his comments at the link.

“My target is to win the Shield. I think we're good enough to compete with the best teams. Maybe it’s because I’m European, but I would like to win the Shield,’’ said Backe, who considers the MLS Cup more of a crap shoot, while the regular-season is the test of a true champion.

“I'm not sure I care about the MLS Cup, (but) we need to be No. 1 after 34 games; then you’ve proved you’re the best team in the U.S. Then of course you can see with a Cup what you can do. But that, for me, is more like a mini-tournament for five games. Being No. 1 after 34, that's the target for me and the team.’’

I, for one, couldn't agree more.

This is a position I've held for a long time. I would much rather see FC Dallas win the Supporters Shield than MLS Cup. I know MLS Cup is where a club gets the title of MLS Champion, but for me the best club and true champion is the one that wins the Supporters Shield.

Most importantly to me, the Supporters Shield means that I get to watch, day in and day out, the best team.

So how about you, MLS Cup or Supporters Shield?