FC Dallas at Houston Dynamo escalation

If you're not a hard core fan you may have missed out on some of the shenanigans going on between FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo the last few weeks. While I'm not privy to all the details, it has made for some good fun in board reading and trash talking.

First two apparently simultaneous events rumored to have been planed and excited by the front offices of the two franchises. Houston buys this billboard in Dallas. (Conspiracy theory alert, same billboard location that usually has FCD ads)

And on the same day, this banner flying over the Houston Dynamo game against new York Red Bull on may 21st...

(#weallhatehouston is apparently the promo tag FCD wants people to use on twitter.)

...along with someone hanging on of the FC Dallas "Come and Get It" banners in Houston's stadium.

Fans or front office? Hard to say, and maybe even who cares. It's all fun and games.


Houston and Dallas have since upped the promo attitude. Houston with a nice promo comparing Houston and Dallas.

Then Dallas with continuation of their #weallhatehouston theme.

Regardless of the somewhat manufactured nature of this trash talk, this is an intense rivalry most of the time. If you want to partake of the atmoshpere in Houston, The Inferno is putting on a supporters bus trip down to the steaming southern part of the state.

Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas

Saturday, May 28th

7:30 PM [CST]

Robertson Stadium, Houston, Texas, United States