Q&A: FCD technical director Barry Gorman

Caught up with FCD technical director Barry Gorman on Monday afternoon and discussed a number of subjects. Here is that exchange:

Can you tell us anything about the new trialist, Papa?

Gorman: Not really. I just got off the phone with his agent today and said I need this, this and this. Once I get it, then I’ll have more information.

Do you even have his last name?

Gorman: I met him this morning for the first time. Schellas called him ‘Papa’. We have information that’s coming, the whole, full story.

What is the latest about the other trialist, Ravid Gazal, that went to Midland?

Gorman: He was just in until that game and then, we’ll be discussing him further. It’s a topic of discussion this week. But with Schellas being out of town, we haven’t had a chance to follow up on it.

What did you guys think of his performance while he was here?

Gorman: Schellas liked him and it may be one for the future.

Do you feel like you guys are close on one of the two guys from the Gold Cup?

Gorman: We’re close and we’re far away. That’s the most direct answer I can give. It’s one of those things that could happen tomorrow but it could also drag on.

Are there any players within MLS that you’re looking at acquiring via trade?

Gorman:We’re talking to people but there’s nothing concrete. Right now at this stage, it’s all open season-people talking back and forth, seeing what’s available and who may be traded for whom.

Do you feel forward remains the biggest need for this club?

Gorman: That’s the position that we have targeted, that we want to bring in a very good starter.

Is adding defensive cover a secondary area of concern?

Gorman: Yes, it is. It’s one that we want to address but it’s definitely not the No. 1 priority because we have people who are flexible in playing in different positions.

How impressed have you been with the team’s resiliency this year first without Ferreira and now without Castillo?

Gorman: I have been thoroughly impressed by it. I think it shows the amount of character that we have in the dressing room and I think it’s hats off to the coaching staff that they’re able to get the guys on the same page and buy into what they’re trying to achieve. The fact that they can dismiss David’s absence and now Fabian’s absence and still get on with the job, they’re rolling their sleeves up and they’re just going about their business.

Is getting Benitez extended still a priority?

Gorman: No, we signed Jair last year to a good deal, so he’s in good shape. That was done during the season. He’s in a good situation but we had put in place a lot of things that look long-term, especially with core players. We’ve been addressing situations where player’s contracts are up either next year or the end of next year. We’re trying to address those so that we’re not doing it in a rush at the end of the season. We’re trying to demonstrate that there’s stability in the program, in the club and in the players that we want here.

Who can we expect the next player to be extended?

Gorman: Stay tuned for an announcement in the near future.

Are we talking next month, by the end of the summer or what? In the next couple of weeks?

Gorman: Earlier than that. Yes, hopefully.

Is this a veteran guy or somebody that’s newer to the club?

Gorman: You can’t pry that out of me but I don’t blame you for trying.