Eric Avila out?

Eric Avila was missing from FC Dallas training today and according to multiple reports Schellas Hyndman said after training that there would be a press release about Avila later today.

So was Avila waived? I would seriously doubt that. The kid has to much talent and even started a couple of games recently. While he's not a two way player like Hyndman loves, Avila is a treat off the bench and is frequently used that way around here.

It's far more likely he has either been traded or FCD has a loan finalized for the kid. FCD thought they had a loan to Altas worked out last month only to have it fall through at the last minute.

On Avila's twitter account the last two posts are "Hhmmm..." and "...wait for it. ...wait for it."

So clearly something is afoot.

Side note: there was a new player in camp today, probably one of the new signings Hyndman was talking about this week, as said player was shielded from media.