Andrew Jacobson planning to take full advantage of break

For much of the 2011 season, Andrew Jacobson has been a fixture in the middle of the yard for FC Dallas. Teaming up with captain Daniel Hernandez, AJ has been one-half of a solid central midfield tandem for the reigning Western Conference champs.

FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman calls Hernandez, whom he also coached collegiately at SMU, a true warrior for his club. He also feels the same moniker applies to Jacobson.

“Yeah, I think I do see the same character strength,” Hyndman said. “AJ really helped us and helped himself when he was able to go and play the center back position even while being injured. That was a real pleasant surprise, how well he did there.”

But he and Hernandez have something else in common. They have each battled injuries for much of the year. Jacobson has fought through hamstring issues for much of 2011, something Hernandez battled one year ago. In fact, AJ’s hamstring has become so much of an issue that FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman came out and said several weeks back that Jacobson could only play one game a week.

Well, with FCD having 11 days between games, Jacobson expects to make the most of some time off which will see he and his teammates have Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday off before returning to the training field in Monday in advance of Wednesday’s match with Chicago at Toyota Park.

So, what are his plans for the weekend? Pretty simple in nature actually.

“Definitely to go do a little extra physical therapy, a lot of ice and a lot of rest. I don’t plan on going anywhere. I’m just going to sit on my couch,” Jacobson said.

He comes off a match at Colorado where he had to leave the pitch early due to a possible concussion. Hyndman expected him to come through his concussion tests fine and be ready to roll come next week.

“I’m feeling good. I was pretty disappointed I had to come out of that game at Colorado but I know how they work with concussions and stuff. I have to get tested but I’m feeling pretty good. This break will definitely help,” Jacobson said. “I’ll get some extra physical therapy, probably get in the weight room a little bit, really be able to recover from it and get stronger.”

When he was asked about it on Monday afternoon, the Dallas midfielder had yet to go through said tests but he did say his condition has been improving considerably with each passing day.

“No, I’m not through it. I need to go through it but each day, I’m getting so much better compared to Saturday night,” Jacobson said. “Yesterday was better and today is so much better. Tomorrow I’ll go through all that and I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to get through it.”

He might be no stranger to the rigors of how injuries can pile up during the course of a long season, but even he admits the 2011 season has taken an exceptionally high toll on him.

“Yeah, by far [it’s been the toughest year for me in that regard],” Jacobson said. “It’s been tough but with the team mentality, it’s helped it a lot. You get through it. All the coach asks is to be at my best and give everything I can.”