Barry Gorman will not return as FCD Technical Director in 2012

According to multiple sources, FC Dallas has declined to renew the contract of FC Dallas Technical Director Barry Gorman for 2012. Sometime in the last month or two of the season, Gorman had his responsibilities shifted to scouting and has been almost exclusively scouting college games for FCD since. Our sources say Gorman remains an FCD employee but won't be back for next season.

Gorman was hired by FC Dallas in 2010 to be the club's chief player personnel man, but several disappointing moves last winter and this year have led to the club not retaining it's TD. Trades like the Alexander/Hall move or the Avail/Santos deal failed to pan out this year. The misplay of Dax McCarty in the expansion draft last off-season as well as the failure of some signings to pay dividends, like Bruno Martins, likely all contributed to Gorman's downfall.

Not all of Gorman' s moves were negative, Ricardo Villar seems a solid player and Fabian Castillo without a doubt has talent. Both players came in this season under Gorman's watch.

It remains to be see if FCD will try and replace Gorman or go back to coach Schellas Hyndman and staff handeling all the scouting and player signings.