The Report Card - vs Portland (3/17)

First Touch: The delightful surprise of starting Bryan Leyva was followed up with a mean shot on goal that resulted in Perez's easy clean up for a goal...

Second Touch: ...But, Leyva's lack of defending deep and wide allowed Portland to win the crossing game in Dallas' defending third leading to Hyndman's hurried substitution of him minutes before half

The Finish: Hyndman's got a nightmare roster scenario this is purely of his own making

Hartman: 5 - He struggled with his footwork and clearance all night and it was one of those clearances that lead to the Portland goal

Loyd: 6 - Alexander worked him over hard and he had to fight extra hard with limitations in front of him

Ugo: 7 - Hard working the air winning headers

Pertuz: 7 - Probably deserves an 8, but when moved out wide was not much of an influence

Benitez: 6 - Not too fair to knock him much as he was having a much better match at fullback before making the move to right mid. But once out there he struggled and was part of the offensive sputtering

Leyva: 5 - Hyndman's post match interview he stated he pulled Leyva simply because Portland was so successful dumping in crosses from wide. "That's their game". So is it a fair question to ask why he put the youngster out their in the first place? Leyva, like many youthful up-and-comers, struggles with the defensive responsibilities, but what you saw going forward was promising

Rodriguez: 7 - Two very nice crosses, one that created the goal. Overall is an impressive addition to the club, but did lose the ball a few too many times when he shouldn't have

Hernandez: 5 - Not his best night and his somewhat lazy back heel was actually a great pass leasing to the Portland goal. In two games you are seeing age/knee surgeries catching up

Jacobson: 4 - Flat out, too many turnovers many of them in the terrible spot of midfield

Villar: 4 - Almost as many bad passes as good, lost possession too much. As seen last week when he left the match, FCD is better with him, but he is not good enough to give FCD what it needs to win from that spot on the field - he's trying, but just not getting it done

Perez: 5 - Just didn't see enough of the ball. One shot in 90 minutes is never going to cut it


John: 7 - His passing has a new level of confidence to it. He's attempting passes he shied from last season. He also is playing with a new level of aggression