Quote Sheet: FC Dallas at Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Schellas Hyndman - FC Dallas Head Coach

General thoughts on the game:

“A good win for the Whitecaps, they played with a lot of intensity and a good result considering the games that they’ve had a difficult time getting the result. For us, it was a good performance. This is not an easy place to play – especially when you’re playing against a talented team with a strike force that they have. I thought we created some wonderful chances but were unable to finalize them. I can only remember two shots that were dangerous from Vancouver and obviously one Camilo put in. When you look at the game, it was probably more physical than it needed to be, probably double the amount of fouls that we were called on. Really happy with the way that our guys fought for the 90 plus minutes.”

Thoughts on your away form:

“A big part of it is the ball not going in the net as often as it does for them [the opponent].”

Noticeable improvement from the ‘Caps this year:

“Yeah I think they’re a much better team, but I don’t like the way they play. I think they’re still very physical if you remember last year. Almost to the date the MVP of the league was taken out here. He’s still not on the field. Unfortunately for us ‘our keeper came up with back spasms, so we had to make a goaltending change that we weren’t prepared to make. Also we started two guys that basically didn’t start all year. The result is the result, what we’re really pleased with is how much we got out of our guys. I think Vancouver is a much better team than what they showed today.”

Thoughts on Brek Shea:

“I thought he was OK, he had some very good moments . One of the things we talked about pre-game was isolate one versus one on the flanks and run at people. Castillo was doing that, Brek was doing that, we felt with the surface and the slipping and the amount of goals that Vancouver has given up the last couple games that they may be a little suspect or getting beat or given fouls in the box. I thought Brek did that, and Castillo did that, and the shots were there and once again Joe Cannon did a good job.”

FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea

Thoughts on the match:

“They got an early goal and then I think we turned it on after that and played really well. I think we were the better team, we had more chances, but they did well holding on for the win.”

Thoughts on busy week coming up and rebounding from loss:

“We played well, we competed hard, we just have to learn from it and get a good start right from the very beginning. We just have to learn from it and come out Wednesday.”

Thoughts on Vancouver:

"They have a good team, good players, great stadium, great fans. I think they're better than their record, but I still think that we were the better team tonight."

FC Dallas goalkeeper Chris Seitz

Thoughts on match:

"I think we did pretty well tonight. We had a lot of chances in the first half and in the end, I think we only allowed them two shots on goal. Defensively I thought we were pretty solid and going forward we definitely created chances."

Thoughts on making first appearance of the season:

"I felt alright. I mean I felt comfortable going in. Obviously you never want to see someone on your team get injured, but I was definitely ready for the opportunity. It's disappointing coming in and losing a game on the road, but at the same time we have to bounce back and we have a game on Wednesday.

Thoughts on the Whitecaps:

"They're good. You look at the guys they have going forward and there's a lot of big names, high profile guys. I think they did well and I think once they got the goal they were content with sitting back a little bit and absorbing some pressure, so I think it was a pretty good game.

Thoughts on next week and rebounding from loss:

"I think we've got to just get back and recover. Get our legs underneath us and we've got a good game Wednesday against a good opponent, so I think it's one of those things where we've got to just keep on grinding and if we doing all the right things we're going to get goals and we're going to get wins."

FC Dallas midfielder Daniel Hernandez:

Thoughts on the match:

“It was a tough loss. I was real proud of the guys, I thought that we came into a really tough environment against a Vancouver team that was really desperate to try and get a win here in their house. It’s a tough place to play, but I thought all-in-all we really dominated the game, I think they had one shot on goal in the first half and one in the second half. Unfortunately we gave up the goal in the first half early, and just couldn’t come back. We had several opportunities to score goals, it just didn’t drop for us. I was real proud of the guys, I thought this was probably one of the best games we played all year, from the beginning whistle to the end, I thought we played really well. Those are games sometimes that you don’t deserve to lose, but you’ve got to find a way to get a result. Respect to Vancouver, they came out and were able to take that away from us.”

Thoughts on busy week coming up and hot to rebound from loss:

"I think not do anything different. Obviously you try to avoid the mistake of letting in the early goal, but at the same time we told the guys at halftime, we’re down a goal but there’s nothing we need to change, we need to keep going at them and playing the style of soccer we know how to play and I thought that we did that in the second half, we’ve just got to continue to play our style of soccer. We’re getting 100% effort from all the guys, and hopefully we get the ball to bounce our way come Wednesday against Salt Lake.”

Thoughts on the Whitecaps:

“Everybody knows they have a great team. They had a great preseason. They struggled the last couple of games, but just like that they’re back in the middle of the pack. They have great players; they have some really key players on their team. They play with a lot of intensity. We knew coming in it was going to be a tough game and we knew that they were a really good team. In MLS this year, every game is a tough match and every team is a competitive team, so same thing about Vancouver, I thought they did a great job. I thought we did what we were supposed to except for put the ball in the back of the net.”

Vancouver Whitecaps head coach Martin Rennie

Thoughts on the result:

“I think first of all pleased to get the win I think it was a hardworking professional performance, and I think that’s what we need to do week in, week out. I felt that against KC we were a bit too naïve in the way we opened up at times, and after we lost a goal we opened up a bit too much. Professional soccer isn’t just about chasing the game and leaving yourself wide open, you have to be solid and we got back to that tonight and I think that was, you know, the big reason behind our win. I thought we were fairly comfortable in the game, had a couple good chances on the break, and that if that final pass had been just a bit better it could’ve helped us. In the end the Sebastien break was a good chance, but just pleased to get the win against a very good team today.”

Changes to the lineups; thoughts about that:

“In midfield we wanted to match up against their midfield, who are set quite deep with a huge gap to the front player, so Davidson shielded the back four really well for us. Koffie and Watson athletically did a great job for us. They won a lot of second balls. Part of our thought there was Omar worked so hard and was deserving of his chance. You could see a little glimmer of hope of him in the future and that’s exciting for everyone at the club. Camilo, now that he’s back healthy, we want to give him as many opportunities for him as possible, so I think most of the things we did today worked out for us. Obviously if you win than it looks like it worked out for you.”

The other coach thought it was too physical; thoughts:

No, I didn’t think that it was too physical. Didn’t think there were many; hardly any hard tackles, so Schellas is a person that I would really disagree with. He’s a fantastic coach and an absolute gentleman, but on this occasion I wouldn’t say it was too physical.”

Thoughts on Martin Bonjour’s performance:

“He did well against Perez – who has had an excellent season, so far being involved in every goal that Dallas has scored. Obviously we scouted that and made sure that Martin was ready for it. You know he didn’t have a great game midweek, he would be the first to admit that, but that’s actually the only game that he hasn’t performed well for us. Nice to see him back to what we’re used to seeing, and hopefully what we’ll be seeing for a long time.”

Vancouver defender Lee Young-Pyo

Thoughts on result:

“The last two games were very disappointing for us, six goals in the last two, but today we came back to our character and we’re very satisfied [for the] three points, a clean sheet.”

I think we have a very good squad now and any player can play any positions. This is one of the strengths for us. And everyone… we try to do our best all the time.”

First assist of the season:

“[laughing] I don’t think it’s my assist. I think Camilo had a great delivery and great finish. It’s all his ability, not from me.”

Thoughts on playing against Brek Shea:

“He’s a very good player, very fast, strong, good dribbling, but we know how to mark good players. Every player is very good, but it doesn’t matter if we play good, we depend on eleven players.”

Vancouver forward Sebastien Le Toux

Thoughts on the match:

“After our loss on Wednesday against Kansas City, we needed to show our character, to our fans and to ourselves too, and make sure we got three points tonight against a team in our same conference. It’s good for the group and we’re going to try and build on that for our next game against Columbus.”

Thoughts on team performance:

“You know I think the most important [thing] is that we got the win. People are criticizing because we aren’t winning and we can’t come back to the basics, but we worked at the beginning of the year to make sure everybody knows where to be defensively and make sure we are strong together collectively as a defence. We have a minimum one chance to score and tonight [this is] what happened with Camilo, [he] scores the goal so one thing we are very happy with that. We all know we can progress [and] continue but you know some legs, from the game on Wednesday, we know we have to stick together and we did. So it’s great for the confidence and to show character to the group and you know [to] build on that is great so we want to take the win tonight and for sure we can progress in every performance each game, defensively [and] offensively.”

On whether he thought there should have been a red card for being taken down on breakaway:

“Yes, I think so. I don’t know, I think he was the last one from far and I was in a full speed to get the ball and he just grabbed my jersey without playing the ball, so I said to the referee [that] he was too nice tonight with maybe [not] showing a red card. It’s done, so we’ve got to win. It’s what matters.”

Thoughts on defending:

“It was a different spot for me tonight. I know it was important to defend well, especially on Brek Shea, who is probably one of their best players. So I try my best to help Y.P. on the side and make sure he doesn’t have lots of room one on one and I think we did a pretty good job, you know he switched...on the other side….so it was good for me to kind of help the team in this way and I can do it physically because I was fresh, I can give a lot on this side. I’m just very happy for the win and I’m sure I’ll play different formations during the year.”