FC Devil's Advocate: club was lucky to get a draw in LA

The spin from the FC Dallas side of things after Saturday’s 1-1 draw at the Los Angeles Galaxy was understandable. After going 0-3-0 in their first three excursions away from home, Saturday’s draw was a step in the right direction. And from the glass half full perspective, getting a point against the reigning league titleholder is never a bad thing.

However, looking at this thing a bit more realistically, it’s a fair statement to say that FCD was more than a bit lucky to leave the Home Depot Center with a point for several reasons. Here are a few of those:

Landon Donovan’s Shot off the Post Early in the Game---OK, so Donovan is the guy many fans love to hate and the angle wasn’t particularly a great one, but it wouldn’t have been a huge stretch to see No. 10 bury this one and put the home side up 1-0 early. Might have to check the video and see if FCD left back Jair Benitez wiped his brow in relief after this one drew iron as it was his misplay of Robbie Keane’s ball from the middle that allowed Donovan to even have a chance at the goal in the first place.

Roy Keane’s Missed PK Late in the First Half---Sure, PKs are never a 100 percent certainty no matter the level of play, but how many kicks has a guy with the resume of Keane missed in his life, much less had where he missed the goal completely? Like anyone could even know that, but it’s surely a pretty miniscule number, proving that once again, the soccer gods were on Benitez’s side since it was his shove to the back of Donovan that drew the PK in the first place.

David Beckham’s Missed Free Kick with About Five Minutes Remaining---We’ve all seen the highlights time and time again of Becks bending a free kick in for a goal, and the accomplished Brit almost did it again with about five minutes left in Saturday’s match. His effort ended up sailing a bit high but if it was down about a foot or so, it would have been in because he did an unbelievable job of bending his boot around the wall, so well that FCD goalkeeper Chris Seitz would have had no chance of even getting a finger on it.