FCD injury update: Fabian Castillo, Ugo Ihemelu, Carlos Rodriguez and Ricadro Villar

Here’s the latest on the FC Dallas injury situation after training Friday according to FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman.

F FABIAN CASTILLO (left ankle sprain)

Hyndman’s take: We put him out there today. He’s a player that we could potentially dress tomorrow and have on the bench but we’ll make that final decision shortly.

D UGO IHEMELU (concussion symptoms)

Hyndman’s take: When you talk about player’s health, is it worth one game to get him back injured? Is it worth two games? He’ll let us know when he’s ready.

M CARLOS RODRIGUEZ (left elbow dislocation)-returned to training this week

Hyndman’s take: “I think his elbow’s fine. He’s OK with it but sometimes you pick up other injuries and right now, he’s straining a tender back. But I think he’s good enough to be out on the field sometime. Yeah, I don’t know how to gauge it [where he’s at right now mentally] except that he needs to play.

M RICARDO VILLAR (right foot strain)-returned to some drills this week

Hyndman’s take: We got him into our training, which is we’re only going 30 percent. I think it was good for him. I think the next couple weeks, he should be making strides.