Quotable: GM Joe on Stars ownership

During Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk’s appearance on Fan 960 in Calgary this morning, he was asked about the latest on the Stars ownership situation and if the uncertainty over ownership was hampering his ability to do business as a general manager. Nieuwendyk's response:

“No, quite the contrary. Obviously we’re going through this sale process and it is taking probably longer than any of us had anticipated. It is moving. I know that speaking with the league this thing will get resolved this season, prior to Christmas. It’s just been a long process. The good thing is it hasn’t taken away from anything what our team has been able to do. We increased our budget and went after players that could fill roles on our team and help us. We added seven players this summer and I feel really good about our team. We’ve been able to keep our off-ice issues away from the locker room and I think the guys are excited about the upcoming season.”

Nieuwendyk’s time frame is similar to what Tom Gaglardi, the Vancouver businessman who is trying to buy the Stars, said at the beginning of August. This all includes the sale winding its way through the courts to find out who the new owner will be.

The next big step is for a purchase agreement to get finalized and for the process to move into the courts. The latest word is that the case could be filed with the court by the middle of this month, just prior to training camp. Once it is filed we should start getting a better sense of how long the process will take and how it might play out as we wait to see if Gaglardi or another possible bidder will be the new owner of the Stars. Stay tuned.