Stars have cheapest average ticket in NHL

A report on NHL ticket prices says the Dallas Stars have cheapest average ticket among the league’s 30 teams at $29.95.

The Team Marketing Report study also has the Stars with the cheapest Fan Cost Index at $223.78 for a game.

A couple of notes on these numbers:

The average ticket price is for what is called general seating categories. The Stars’ average price for a premium ticket is $94.38, which is still a good value when compared to the rest of the league, ranking 26th among the 30 NHL teams.

The Fan Cost Index includes four average-price tickets, two small draft beers, four small soft drinks, four regular-sized hotdogs, parking, two programs and two adult-sized caps.

The highest ticket in the league belongs to the Toronto Maple Leafs at $123.77 and the Maple Leafs also are tops in Fan Cost Index at $626.45.

The average NHL ticket is $57.10 and the average Fan Cost Index is $326.45.

Below is a list of each team’s average ticket price in the general seating category. You can see a PDF document with all the Team Marketing Report numbers for the NHL teams here.

NHL Ticket Prices 2011-12

Average NHL Ticket Prices (general seating categories) according to Team Marketing Report.