Adam Burish: Everybody wrote us off

Dallas Stars forward Adam Burish was on the Ben and Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 FM this morning and was asked if he was surprised by the Stars' strong start to the season -- Dallas has them the best record in the NHL at 11-3-0. Here's what Burish had to say:

“To be honest with you, going into the season, you can’t help but see what people are saying about your team, predicting about your team and everybody is picking you to finish last, to be a disappointing season, have no chance and write you off early. After last night’s game a bunch of us went to dinner and everybody said, ‘I’ve been telling people since training camp that if you look at our lineup and look our roster, we’re a good team.’ I think everybody, except the guys in our locker room, wrote us off. But you know what; we’ve got a pretty good darn team here.

“If you think back to last year, for 50 games into the season, until we had a bunch of guys get hurt, we were right up at the top of the league last year, too. Then we had a bunch of injuries that kind of set us back. This year we added a lot of new pieces. Sure, we lost our star player in Brad Richards, but we added a lot of pieces that are important to winning. Maybe not that prolific 40-goal scorer, but guys that do little things that go into winning. Right now we are clicking and we are a confident group of guys. We’re having a lot of fun right now.”