Mark Fistric's big hit

Stars defenseman Mark Fistric rocked Islanders forward Nino Niederreiter with a hard hit early in the game. Niederreiter didn’t return due to concussion-like symptoms. There was no penalty call on the play, which didn’t seem to faze Islanders coach Jack Capuano.

“No, they’ve got a tough job to do,” Capuano said when asked if we upset if there was no call. “I don’t know if he left his feet or if he didn’t. It’s a hit. It’s part of the game and for the NHL officials to decide.”

The Islanders' broadcast thought it should of been a penalty and poking around some message boards, Islanders fans feel the same way and are talking suspension, too. I'm sure Stars fans will see it another way.

The hit reminded me of the one Toronto’s Luke Schenn put on Stars forward Tomas Vincour recently. People saw that one differently as well.

I didn't think Schenn's was worth a suspension and I don't think Fistric's is either. To me these were both full body hits that resulted in contact with the head. Last time I checked those were still legal in the NHL.

But the final say will go to the NHL's Brendan Shanahan.

Here are the videos of the two hits.