Modano, Red Wings still talking

Mike Modano said he's continued to have conversations with the Detroit Red Wings and could speak with them in Michigan at some point this week. That could be as early as Tuesday afternoon. Modano has yet to decide if he wants to go through the grind next season, but he's certainly open to talking about it.

"They're selling it pretty hard," Modano said. "Having a team like Detroit really interested in me is flattering. I could have some fun playing with some great players and a great organization. There's a lot of upside to it. But for me, I need to figure out in my head what I want to do."

Red Wings general manager Ken Holland told The Detroit Free Press that his club is interested in the 40-year-old Modano.

"He's a local boy, a (future) Hall of Famer, yeah, I'm interested," Holland told the paper. "We've had good success through the years in getting the most out of players that are nearing the end."

Modano could be a fit in Detroit. He could help out on the second power play unit and play with a variety of players on one of the lower lines. But to do it, Modano would have to take a minimal salary for a player of his stature (my speculation on that would be maybe something just over $1 million or so) because the Red Wings are up against the cap.

Stay tuned.