Quotable: Washington's disallowed goal

Here are some quotes on the Washington goal that was waved off with 7.6 seconds remaining. The goal, which would have tied the game at 2-2, was not allowed because the referee ruled that Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin was in the crease and had interfered with Dallas goalie Andrew Raycroft.

Bruce Boudreau, Washington coach

“If you look at the friggin’ call, Ovi doesn’t touch the guy. The other guy slides into the goalie and takes him out of the play. The one ref is telling me that that Ovi is in the paint. Well, I want to know when that rule changed, where you can’t be in the paint if you don’t touch anybody and you don’t interfere with anybody. Why the two refs aren’t consulting each other and you want to know why I voted for a coach’s challenge, there it is.”

Marc Crawford, Dallas coach

“It looks as though it’s the right call. My son texted me and asked me what I had done to the referee to get the call. … He was definitely in the crease. The question would be how did he get there. He made no attempt to get out and there was no chance for our goalie to make the save.”

Andrew Raycroft, Dallas goalie

“Skrastins’ [butt] is all I saw. I have no clue what happened. I was hoping they’d put up a replay.”