Ranger reax: Borbon's close call (other notes)

BOSTON -- Shortly after the Rangers' tough 8-7 loss in 12 innings on Wednesday, Julio Borbon admitted that he hadn't seen a replay of the close call at home plate in the fourth inning. But he said he touched home plate as he slid in and should not have been called out.

"I slid there head first, I don't think anybody had a better view of it," Borbon said. "It's one of those things you can't really take back. Just learn from it I guess."

Borbon tagged up on Michael Young's fly ball to right-center in the fourth. Darnell McDonald's throw home was on the mark and Jason Varitek did a good job of blocking the plate. Home plate umpire Brian O'Nora ruled that Borbon did not touch home on the slide.

"I thought I was in there," Borbon said. "I slid right in front of the plate and got my hand in there and then he kicked my whole arm out. But I had already slid in there. He missed the call. I guess the angle where he was at wasn't really good enough to appreciate it. It was hard, really close play and he went that way with it, unfortunately."

Manager Ron Washington felt the call changed the game.

"Once again, one call made the difference," said Washington, who felt like a ball hit in the sixth inning of Tuesday's loss should have been ruled a ground rule double when it hit a fan and wasn't. "I thought he got his hand in there."

Washington argued for a while and Borbon immediately jumped up and reacted as if he was sure he had touched the base.

Other reaction:

* It was a resolute bunch of Rangers that greeted the media following a tough 8-7 loss in 12 innings. Sure, it was a disappointed group. That's for sure. But several players and manager Ron Washington stressed that they are a better team than what's currently showing in the standings, where they are last place in the AL West at 5-9 on the season.

Asked what he told his team, Washington responded: "Keep battling. We're going to get this right. If we keep playing baseball the way we have the past two days, we're going to be fine. We're going to come out of this."

Young said he thought the club played well on Wednesday.

"Up until that last moment where we got stuck with the 'L,' it was a fun game to be apart of," Young said. "But obviously that's a game you want to wrap up. When you get into one of those games, especially in the 10th or 11th, you really sense what an advantage it would be to be the home team in a game like that. It would have been nice if we played a similar type game in our home ballpark. We'll come out tomorrow with a similar effort."

Young said there's no panic with the team despite six straight losses.

"We're a good team and we know we're a good team, but obviously we want the standings to reflect that," Young said. "You don't want to sit there and chalk it up to 'early in the season,' because you won't make any adjustments. I think we want to find out the things we want to work on and keep attacking them. We've identified a few of those early in the season and want to turn those into strengths. The good thing about this team is that we stay in it. We stay after it."

* Washington said Dustin Pedroia was intentionally walked in the 12th because they felt that Dustin Nippert's was better off pitching to Kevin Youkilis. Pedroia was 5-for-11 in his career off Nippert, while Youkilis was 0-for-5. That probably factored into the decision as well.

"I've seen that little guy at second base throw too much stuff off that Monster late," Washington said.

The plan was to go at Youkilis with fastballs and then "soften him up" once they had two strikes on him. Things didn't go according to plan. "He got us," Washington said. "He stayed back and hit it out there."

* Marco Scutaro did a good job of tagging up on a ball hit to center field in the 12th. It put a runner in scoring position with two outs. Borbon said it surprised him. "I heard right as the ball was coming down," Borbon said. "I wasn't really in the right position to make the play. It caught me off guard and that was on me there. That's definitely one of the things I learned. The throw wasn't all that bad, but if I had been able to see that coming, it would have been an even closer play."

* The error that was charged to Youkilis was changed to a hit, giving Borbon an infield single.