Rich Harden talks about moving to bullpen

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Rangers pitcher Rich Harden said he was ready to give the bullpen a try after he was told before Monday's game that he would be out of the rotation.

"I'd rather start, but I want to help this team," Harden said. "I wish I had one more start to try to pitch better. But I don't."

Harden is 5-5 with a 5.17 ERA in 17 starts this season. The Rangers had hoped they were getting the Harden that sported a great ERA those years in Oakland. That's why they paid $6.5 million for him. But it hasn't worked out that way. Harden has had a few starts, but his inconsistencies finally moved him out of the rotation. Derek Holland takes his place on Friday.

"Maybe the bullpen will be good for me," Harden said. "I'm out there to get a few hitters and not go through the lineup two or three times. I've always felt I had the mentality to get a few hitters coming out of the bullpen and now I can find out. I want to help this team and this is the way I need to do it."