Chuck Greenberg on observation mission

MINNEAPOLIS -- Rangers general managing partner Chuck Greenberg doesn't plan on going on the road all the time with his club. But he is taking the opportunity to visit a few parks and see how they handle various aspects of fans services and the game day experience.

Greenberg is looking specifically at a few things:

* Videoboards. He and his staff have been meeting with various videoboard companies, including those that setup control booths and handle the software.

"We're trying to do five months of research in five weeks," Greenberg said.

He said he still hopes to get the videoboard in place by Opening Day 2011, but won't rush it "just to get something up there."

"It's more important to make the right decision," Greenberg said. "So if we can do that and get it in by 2011, we will. If not, it will be something we'll have in place for 2012.

Greenberg said the videoboard is not something that could be installed during a road trip in the middle of the season. There are too many things involved that it has to be an offseason deal.

* He's careful to walk around the stadiums and see how good the PA system is, an indication that he may want to do some modifications at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on that.

* He's also looking at how different teams handle their kids areas. He was impressed with what the Royals do.

* Greenberg is also paying close attention to food services. He said he feels the food at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is "solid," but there is room for imporvement.

"I see these other places with interesting and diversified choices and I think we could have that," Greenberg said. "Also, we don't have any food within the seating bowl except for vendors. You don't smell or see food unless you leave your seat and go to the concourse. I'd like to try to do something about that."

One possibility is having more companies come in and have their spots in the stadium, much like the Mariners do with various chains that have small restaurants in the stadium. But right now, Greenberg hasn't really broached any of that with anyone. He's just gathering ideas.

"Some of this may be things we do in a few years," Greenberg said. "We want to have different ballpark initiatives each season."

* Greenberg added he was very impressed with Target Field, noting that they did a good job getting the most out of a small plot of land in which to build the stadium.

"It's beautiful and a great venue for fans," Greenberg said. "It's nice to see other places, but I do love our ballpark. We're not looking to replicate other places or anything like that. We want to see if there are ways to enhance what we already have."