David Murphy feels good after light test

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Rangers outfielder David Murphy hit in the batting cages, caught some fly balls and did some light throwing on Monday.

"I feel good," Murphy said. "I probably ran out there at 50 to 60 percent. I'm not going to know until I ramp it up some more."

Murphy said he won't go all out on the groin with running on Tuesday, but enough to really see how it reacts. He thinks that if he's 80 to 85 percent ready, that he would be good enough to play.

"I'll see how things go tomorrow," Murphy said. "But it felt OK today."

The other thing is that Jeff Francoeur is starting in Game 1, meaning Murphy actually has an additional day to get the groin ready. Unless he determines he can't play, Murphy would be on the playoff roster, but isn't like to see much action on Wednesday. Texas faces three straight right-handed starters after that and Murphy would certainly be a candidate to play in those.