DH remains an offseason need for Rangers

Rangers Move On Without Lee (2:22)

Richard Durrett interviews Ron Washington about the departure of Cliff Lee and what is next for the Rangers pitching staff (2:22)

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Rangers continue to keep in contact with Vladimir Guerrero's agent, but don't appear to be in any rush to nail down what they'll do about the designated hitter position in 2011.

Vladimir Guerrero came in and did an excellent job in 2010, leading the club in RBIs. But he'll turn 36 in February and would be a fulltime DH, without the ability to do much else in the field. Guerrero, meanwhile, wants a multi-year deal. So he's exploring the market just like the Rangers are right now.

"I couldn't really tell you timing-wise when we'll have the DH situation resolved," general manager Jon Daniels said. "There's some unknown to a lot of the guys that are out there. With Vlad, we know that we're getting. He was great in the clubhouse too. That's not to say there aren't other ways we can do it. We've had to explore them. But we would welcome him back if the situation works out that way."

Daniels said the club has looked at whether it wants to make that position more versatile with someone who can play another position if needed.

"That's probably the one thing that is holding us back a little bit is the concept of having a little bit more flexible roster so Wash can move some other guys through that position," Daniels said. "But I know he feels strongly about Vlad. We all do. But as we weighs the pros and cons of the possibilities, that's one we've got to consider."