Nelson Cruz works on altering running style

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Last year, Nelson Cruz had three separate stints on the disabled list and all of them were because of hamstring issues.

He's doing everything he can this offseason to make sure he stays off that list in 2011. Cruz revealed last week that he's been working with Darren O'Day's brother, Kyle, in an attempt to get his legs in the best shape possible. O'Day is a therapist, based in Atlanta, who combines rehab, biomechanics and coaching techniques to help athletes become both more efficient and less injury prone.

Kyle O'Day said he filmed Cruz running to "see what he might be doing to set up some of his chronic leg injuries." Cruz ran a bunch for a few days and then focused on running more upright to possibly relieve some of the stress on his legs.

"We analyzed for muscular weakness and impaired range of motion," Kyle O'Day said via text. "He's now on a program to address those issues. Additionally, we've got him started in the initial stages of revamping his running form."

Cruz, by the way, wasn't the only Rangers player working with O'Day. Mitch Moreland, Michael Young, Craig Gentry and Ian Kinsler were some of the others.

"It was good for me and good for my body," Cruz said. "I'm not playing, but I've been working since December."

He hopes to see that pay off in 2011.