Is Cody Eppley the next Darren O'Day?

After talking with Cody Eppley some before the annual Mid-Winter banquet, I thought I'd check in with Scott Servais and Darren O'Day and get a better sense of who Eppley was before he arrives in Surprise for spring training. Eppley has been invited to big league camp. This should allow him to get a taste of things, but depending on what happens with injuries and if guys are struggling, Eppley could find his way to Arlington at some point in 2011.

Q: Describe Cody Eppley for folks that haven't seen him.

Servais: He has a very similar body style to what Darren O'Day is. He had a pretty good sinker, but he was 87-90 mph at three quarter arm position. So we took him lower and he became much more deceptive and continued to throw strikes. Last year, he even hit 91 mph, which is harder than most guys throw at that angle.

Q: What are his key pitches?

Servais: He has the big sinker and his other pitches came along as he made the transition to the new arm slot. We paired him with O'Day a bit during spring training last year and Cody took to it. He's a sharp kid. He's working on a changeup, which will be important since his sinker or slider can come in to left-handed hitters. The change would add effectiveness to left-handed hitters.

Q: What did you think of Eppley at spring training and as you heard some reports on him during the season?

O'Day: It's a big transition throwing sidearm and finding control. I just talked a little bit of strategy and my thought process when I was pitching. The credit goes to him for having confidence and figuring out what he's capable of doing.

Q: Do you anticipate helping him now that he's in big league camp with you in February?

O'Day: I'd love to help him. He's got talent. He's more talented than me, to tell you the truth. I think he throws a little harder than me and has some great movement, but there's something to be said to learning how to pitch.