2B Ian Kinsler: 'It's a tough situation'

Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler is one of Michael Young's closest friends, so news of Young's request for a trade and the rift between Young and the club that has spilled out into public domain is a tough one for him to watch.

"I don't know what I feel," Kinsler said. "I'm really close to Michael, but I'm also really attached to the Texas Rangers. They drafted me and have been loyal to me. It's a tough situation."

Kinsler's locker has been beside Young's for four seasons. And Young has helped Kinsler grow on and off the field. The two have talked this offseason, but Kinsler didn't want to put words in Young's mouth, saying the veteran's quotes say it all.

Kinsler didn't want to speculate on what things might be like if Young is traded, but did feel that leaders would step forward. Kinsler, already one of the team leaders, said he looked to Young for leadership and guidance over the years just like Josh Hamilton talked about on Monday.

"But you need more than one leader," Kinsler said. "He's been an important part of this organization every year. If he gets traded, obviously we're going to have people that will step up. We have people in place that are capable of being leaders."

Kinsler stressed he wants to see Young back with the Rangers and hopes everything can be worked out.

"I don't want him to get traded," Kinsler said. "I want to get to spring training and see our lockers together like they always are and have him there."

Kinsler is working out every day in preparation for spring training and said his focus and the focus of the rest of the players is on "becoming world champions." He added that he feels like the team developed a "culture of winning" in 2010 and that they have to be sure it carries over to 2011.