Patient, excited Webb has good session

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- It might seem as though Brandon Webb tossing 28 pitches on Sunday and then 46 on Tuesday in a bullpen with no hitter in the box are small, incremental steps of progress. In Webb's world, it is giant steps forward.

The Texas Rangers' rehabbing right-hander was all smiles again Tuesday morning when he finished his 15-minute session. No shoulder pain is a wonderful thing for a pitcher, especially one who underwent surgery in 2009 and has been besieged by setbacks ever since. Webb said compared to a year ago he's a new man.

"Shoot yeah. I got no issues right now. None," Webb said. "[Last spring] I wasn't able to get anything out of my throwing because it didn't feel good. So, I'm able to get things out of my long toss because I can stay out there and do it. I bring stuff away from the mound because I'm able to go out there and repeat stuff and throw normally."

Webb will continue with this same schedule, a session of long toss on Wednesday followed by another bullpen session on Thursday. At some point he'll be ready to face live hitting and the next step would be to get in a spring-training game. The latter, however, isn't even on the radar right now. It's one step at a time.

"It is," Webb said about it being hard to stay patient. "But, it's OK to be patient right now because when you feel good you can see this thing, so let's stick with the program."