Brandon Webb talks about his session

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Rangers pitcher Brandon Webb discussed his 62-pitch session to live hitters on Wednesday. Some of his thoughts:

* If he feels fine on Thursday, he could throw on Saturday to live hitters again. UPDATE: The plan is for him to throw to live hitters on Sunday. He thinks he might long toss on Thursday and then go light Friday before throwing. He said he didn't feel he bounced back as well from his last bullpen as he did the time before that, so he might go hard tomorrow and then take a bit of a break. But that still has to be determined.

* Overall: “It wasn’t the best I’ve ever thrown; it wasn’t the worst,” Webb said. “It felt good. It’s another step for me.”

* On his specific pitches: "The movement I thought was pretty good, but the curve ball was terrible. It was in the dirt everytime. The changeup was OK." He said the sinker had some movement, but Webb agreed with manager Ron Washington that it wasn't as "heavy" as it has been. He said he wants sink and less run from the sinker than he had on Wednesday.

* On velocity: "Velocity wise, I wasn’t trying to over throw at all. I was trying to throw strikes and not let it go. WhenI try to let it go, that’s when I get out of my mechanics and the ball goes everywhere. I tried to stay within myself a little bit today. It was nice and easy."

* On mechanics: "I threw some in the dirt and it's a matter of getting it out and out in front of me a little bit on those. Pitching is about timing and I've got to find that."

* Comparing it to his bullpens without hitters: “I’ve been real inconsistent in the pen. I thought it was a little bit better than the pen today. One time I was going outside and threw one that went inside and the movement was great on that pitch. It ends up working out, but it’s not what you want to do. Overall, it was decent.”

* How far behind are you: "I'd say four weeks. But you guys know more than me. It could be three weeks and three days, just depends on how good I do. It could quickly pick up and I could be like, 'It's money. Let's get in a game right now.'"