Nolan Ryan talks about Neftali Feliz decision

GOODYEAR, Ariz. -- Rangers president Nolan Ryan talked with Galloway and Company on ESPN 103.3 FM today about the decision to leave Neftali Feliz in the bullpen as the closer.

"I think if we weren't in such a need for him as a closer, he would be starting for us this year," Ryan said. "I think what it means is that we have a year to find somebody within our system or through trade or a free agent acquisition to come in and take that role.

"At the end of [this season], we'd like to be in position to tell Feliz to go home this offseason and be ready to be a starter for us next year ... do what you need to do to come into spring training with that mindset and physically being in a position to take that."

The bottom line: The Rangers needed help in the bullpen this year and couldn't afford to move Feliz. But everyone in the organization thinks of him as a starter. They need to make sure they have a viable closer in 2012 so Feliz can move into the rotation.

More from Ryan a little later.