Grey: Webb's velocity down, Hunter strong

Just got off the phone with ESPN.com's Jason Grey, who was at today's Rangers' extended spring game in Arizona. Some of his thoughts:

* He clocked Brandon Webb at 78 to 81 mph today in Webb's first two innings (Grey had to check out another game and didn't see the third inning). Grey briefly talked to Webb after the game was over and he said he still feels there's more in the arm.

It's worth noting that Webb felt the third inning was better than the first two and Grey didn't see that inning.

"It went OK," Webb said via text. "I don't know about the velo, but I felt like the third inning was the best. And that's kind of how it's been. The longer I go, the better I am."

* Webb was encouraged that his command and movement continue to be good in Arizona.

* Webb said the plan is for him to throw four innings in an extended spring game on Thursday. It's clear he still has a long way to go before he's ready to return.

"Velocity is important, but the biggest thing right now is for Brandon to feel comfortable out there and trust letting it go," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. "There's a mental hurdle a lot of times when someone comes back from a surgery. Hopefully the velo follows. If and when it does, we'll look at the next steps."

* Grey watched Tommy Hunter throw and said he's ready to head off to a minor league game and keep building up the pitch count. Grey said Hunter threw all his pitches and was particularly strong with the cutter. He was 91 to 94 mph all day and looked solid.

Hunter said via text that he feels good and is ready to go.

Just thought I'd pass it along (and thanks to Jason for sharing it with us).