Looking at Rangers lineup in NL park

ARLINGTON, Texas -- Rangers manager Ron Washington is determined to get his best offensive lineup on the field playing under National League rules at Houston. That likely means Mitch Moreland in the outfield and Michael Young at first base.

Washington isn't concerned about what that lineup means defensively, at least to start games. With the pitcher batting, Washington wants his best eight batters playing.

"If we have a lead at the end, I could put the best defense I've got in the outfield out there anyway and move [Moreland] to first base," he said.

The Rangers are 3-3 in NL parks this season, having gone 1-2 at Philadelphia and 2-1 at Atlanta. The three-game set with the Astros that concludes the Silver Boot Series runs Tuesday-Thursday.

When it comes to that potent offense, Washington has no interest in playing Young at shortstop even if Elvis Andrus (wrist) isn't ready to play.

"[Andres] Blanco is the shortstop if Elvis is not playing," Washington said.