Adrian Beltre: Bad calls influenced players

Adrian Beltre helped kids "strike out cavities" by participating in a brush-a-thon with YMCA campers. Kevin Brown

Rangers 3B Adrian Beltre talks about the disappointing series against the Mets, the umpire affect, Josh Hamilton's blues, dental hygiene, and more.

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On the umpires' calls over the weekend:

"There's some calls that obviously we saw it live there was basically wrong calls and we saw in the video room there was really wrong calls.

"I guess the Mets got the best out of that and we just hope for the officials to do their job a little better and let the players decide who is going to win the game."

On playing for Ron Washington:

"I always heard nothing but good things about Wash. When I got here and I talked to my teammates, I asked about Wash ... Everybody was right because he's been really really good for everybody.

"He's the type of mananger that's behind you, he communicates well and he knows about baseball, he loves his job so you know, we're happy to have him."

On playing in the Texas heat:

"It's especially hot. You probably sometimes don't quite perform the same when you have weather like that, but we have to play under the circumstance, whatever it is.

"I'm normally used to the heat, I'm from the Caribbean. But this heat is really hot but there's no excuse we have to play baseball no matter where we play."