How many Rangers make All-Star team?

ARLINGTON, Texas -- We'll know later this morning how many Rangers make the American League All-Star team. Those sitting on the bubble have one advantage: Rangers manager Ron Washington gets to pick some of the reserves for the game.

BTW, check out this blog entry for a primer on how the roster is determined.

Some random Rangers thoughts on the All-Star Game:

* Unless a huge online push was made in the final two days of voting, Josh Hamilton probably makes the All-Star squad as a starter voted in by the fans.

* Michael Young is an automatic, if you ask me. I would bet the players pick him as the No. 2 choice behind David Ortiz at DH, but I can't see Washington passing up on him if they don't (Victor Martinez would be his chief competition).

* Adrian Beltre is on the bubble, but ESPN Stats & Information's John Zoni provided some interesting numbers. Beltre's got stiff competition at 3B but is tied for third among third baseman in batting average, is first in RBIs and extra-base hits and his second in home runs. He has 11 errors, but some of those are because he gets to balls others wouldn't and he's made some spectacular defensive plays. He'd sure be fun to watch in the All-Star Game.

* What about C.J. Wilson and Alexi Ogando?

First, the two have pretty similiar numbers. Both have eight wins and good WHIPs. Ogando's ERA is 2.86 (top-10 in AL) while Wilson's is 3.14. And Ogando's opponent batting average is top-10 in the leauge as well. But Wilson has pitched more innings and remains the club's No. 1 starter.

The bigger question is whether either player is better than the other options Washington will have once the players pick the five starters. Washington has to make sure every team is represented in the game, so he'll have to take care of that first. After that, he has some flexibility. He will know the full player ballot, including the Nos. 5, 6 and 7 pitchers listed by the players in case a few starters picked pitch on Sunday and become ineligible for the All-Star Game.

Wilson and Ogando have numbers similar to a host of players, but are behind in ERA to: Oakland's Gio Gonzalez, Tampa Bay's James Shields, Seattle's Michael Pineda, Angels' Dan Haren and a few others. But if you look at the whole body of work, they are right in the middle of a large pack. So we'll see.

* Does Neftali Feliz have a shot? You never know. The players pick three relievers and then it's up to Washington. Feliz was hurt and inconsistent during parts of the season, but is back in form. It's still a longshot.

So how many Rangers do you think make it? Tell us a number and why.