Thad Levine on waiver trades, more

With every start for C.J. Wilson, Texas Rangers fans will speculate about the upcoming free agency for the southpaw. Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher Jered Weaver added a wrinkle to the equation when he committed to a five-year, $85 million contract extension.

“The bottom line in what I think you saw in the Jered Weaver signing is a player that drove the negotiation. He’s a player who wanted to sign with a specific team and gave his agent that direction,” Rangers assistant general manager Thad Levine said. “In short order, we would love to think that the statements that Jered Weaver made about wanting to stay with his own club and how much money is enough money would not only apply to C.J., but anyone we would negotiate with in the future. But quite frankly, it’s up to us to create that environment where players want to stay in Texas above going anywhere else. That’s one of our goals.”

Levine was a guest on Rangers Magazine on 103.3 FM ESPN (Saturday from 10-11 a.m.). Don’t expect a C.J.-Rangers re-signing production during the remainder of the season.

“We kind of have a policy where we try not to distract from the season by negotiating in the middle of the season. We purposely didn’t want to create any issues with our team by making this a side story by negotiating in the middle of the season. I think [C.J.’s agent] Bob [Garber], C.J. and the Rangers have had enough dialogue that come season’s end that we’ll have more conversations to see if it’s a fit for both parties.”

Can Rangers fans expect an addition to the ballclub before the waiver trade deadline on Aug. 31?

“Really what you are trying to be at this time of year is opportunistic and see if there are any players out there who can help round out your team. This is the time last year where we added [outfielder] Jeff Francoeur. We don’t feel like there’s anything that we have to do, but we are combing the waiver wire every day to see if there’s something, a piece that we really think can help our team — complementary at this point, but a piece nonetheless.”

In addition to Wilson’s pending free agency and the waiver trade deadline, Levine also talked about stats used in baseball operations in defining the value of a pitcher, his name being mentioned in general manager vacancies, the depth of the Rangers organization and more. Listen to the interview here.