Beard talk: Michael Young shaves

DETROIT -- Scott Feldman wasn't completely surprised when he walked into the visiting clubhouse at Comerica Park a few hours before the scheduled start of Game 4 of the AL Championship Series and saw that Michael Young, Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton had shaved their beards. But Feldman, fully bearded, was a little disappointed.

"Not everyone is cut out to have this kind of dedication," said Feldman, who has spent the last two months growing a full beard that is even starting to get some slight curls. "You have to have a lot of patience. You have to keep it through the good and bad times, the itchy times."

Young said he got tired of putting up with it.

"I wasn't the only one," Young said. "Me, Kins and Josh, we all took them down. We're the only ones trying to do the playoff beard thing that aren't used to having beards. It stunk. It iched. I got a lot of crap from Nap and Mitch and Gentry, but they wear beards year round. I took a shot. But we all agreed last night to take them down."

Young said his wife, Cristina, was happy to see it shaved.

"She was tired of it," Young said.

Feldman said he just decided to grow his out a few months ago and vows not to shave it until the club's postseason run is over.

"I don't see any reason to stop," Feldman said with a chuckle. "Somebody called me Isaiah the other day. Another guy in Seattle said I was the Unibomber and escaped from jail and was hiding out by pitching for the Rangers. But that's OK."

Feldman is convinced that Young, Kinsler and Hamilton used the loss as an excuse to shave.

"They were riding the winning streak," Feldman said. "That's OK. We've been playing good since I've been bearded, so I'm going to keep it."

Darren O'Day, who started growing his beard a few months ago as well, thought Young, Kinsler and Hamilton would try to keep it going through the playoffs.

"As a beard enthusiast, it's very disappointing," O'Day said. "It's their face. They can do what they want. We did win five postseason games with those beards, so it's sad to see them go. It's their beards. Although I will say, if I looked like Mike yesterday, I would have shaved too. Every time I saw him, I started laughing uncontrollably. It comes in very dark."