Ump's blown call leads to Cards' big inning

ARLINGTON, Texas – Umpire Ron Kulpa’s call at first base was bad, and then it got worse for the Rangers in the fourth inning.

The Rangers should have had a double play, but Kulpa didn’t see first baseman Mike Napoli tag St. Louis’ Matt Holliday when second baseman Ian Kinsler’s throw pulled Napoli off the bag.

It was clearly a blown call, but that doesn’t excuse the Rangers’ poor performance the rest of the inning.

Holliday scored on David Freese’s double to right off of Matt Harrison, who was pulled with two outs. Two more runs scored on a throwing error by Napoli, who tried to get the runner at the plate after fielding a ground ball. No. 9 hitter Ryan Theriot drove in another run with a single.

After all the damage was done in the top of the fourth, the Cardinals held a 5-0 lead. That’s especially imposing considering that the Rangers have scored a grand total of four runs in 21 innings this series.