Washington talks to team, stays calm

ST. LOUIS -- Rangers manager Ron Washington walked into the visiting clubhouse after a gut-wrenching 10-9 loss to the Cardinals in Game 6 and faced his shell-shocked team.

Washington didn't have much to say and got right to point. He told them to keep their heads up and that they had one more game to play in the season and they were capable of winning it.

Michael Young spoke up, saying the team has bounced back all year and would do it again. Then the players started talking more to each other.

"They're disappointed and they should be disappointed," Washington said. "But that's the way it goes. It's never over until the last out and we didn't get the last out. But every time that happened, my fighting shoes were back on. They just took care of it in their last at-bat."

Washington said he'll be wearing those fighting shoes for Game 7 and so will the rest of his team.

"The series was seven games," Washington said. "We've got to play seven games."

Players spoke to the media after plastic tarps had been rolled up and put on top of the lockers and televisions covered in preparation for a champagne shower that didn't happen after Game 6. Even champagne bottles were quickly hustled out of the clubhouse.

Many Rangers talked about moving on and getting ready for Game 7.

"I think it shows our character and kind of defines us," first baseman Mitch Moreland said. "We don't let stuff like this bother us. Those games are going to happen. We fought and they fought and they won. The end result is they came out the winner. We've got a game tomorrow and we'll come out and play. They won the game."

Derek Holland, who pitched some in Game 6, said he's ready to pitch if needed in Game 7. And he's confident his teammates will be focused and prepared for Game 7.

"We have to push through it, keep battling it and be ready to go," Holland said. "We've been capable of bouncing back all the time. It's a new day and we know what's on the line."