Maddux to meet with Cubs, Sox next week

Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux, battling a bout of laryngitis, held a conference call with local beat writers Thursday afternoon and typed his answers to our various questions. He said he's humbled to be considered by both organizations and hopes to meet with them soon.

"I plan to meet with the Cubs and Red Sox next week based upon my health," Maddux said via email. "The quicker we heal, the sooner we'll settle matters."

Maddux said he's made introductions to Cubs and Red Sox personnel via text messaging because he can't talk.

"This puts a little delay on everything," Maddux said. "[It's] unbelievable to hear those two teams have interest. [They are] both storied franchises full of tradition and synonymous with history. Their ballparks are shrines and they have great fans year after year."

Maddux said many folks have helped make him the coach he is today. That certainly includes Rangers manager Ron Washington and bench coach Jackie Moore.

"Wash is an incredible person and baseball man," Maddux said. "I've learned if you can't play or coach for Wash, then you're the problem. Working with Wash has given everyone a crash course in trust of your players and coaches.

"Jackie Moore has always been one to look out for me. He was the first manager I worked for after the playing days came to a halt. Too many people to mention in a short time. I wish I could talk and rattle off more names."

Maddux said Buddy Black and John Farrell helped pave the way for other former pitching coaches to become managers.

"Because of their success I feel that teams are more open to look into the idea of a former hurler leading a team," Maddux said.

Maddux added that he is happy serving as the Rangers' pitching coach and working with the current ' staff.

"The Texas franchise is built for sustainability due in large part to the people in the organization being on the same page from top to bottom," Maddux said.