C.J. Wilson: Daniels, agent to meet tonight

DALLAS -- Free agent left-handed starter C.J. Wilson told ESPN 103.3 FM's Ben & Skin on Tuesday that his agent, Bob Garber, is scheduled to have dinner with Rangers GM Jon Daniels tonight.

ESPN.com's Jerry Crasnick reported earlier today that the Rangers are expected to give Garber an offer today. They are one of a handful of teams that have shown interest, including the Nationals, Angels and Marlins. Various reports have the Cubs and Red Sox also interested.

Wilson talked briefly about his situation as his agent meets with teams at the Hilton Anatole this week. Wilson is one of the biggest free agent pitchers on the market this offseason.

Wilson said that once Garber gets an email or text from a team, he forwards the correspondence along to Wilson and is in constant communication with him.

"It's very transparent on our end," Wilson said, adding that some of what's being reported this week are "complete lies."

"Negotiations are a process and every team operates independently. There's no telling what you're going to get from one team to another."

Wilson said he isn't sure when he might know where he's going to play in 2012 and beyond. He said it's a process and will let things play out. Wilson did not comment on whether he was given a six-year offer.

"I'll put it to you this way: There's a difference between signing the best contract and signing in the best situation," Wilson said. "I talked to Adrian Beltre about this during the season and he said he got offered a lot more money from one particular team, but decided to sign with the Rangers beacuse it was a better offense and he wanted to be a part of a better offense. He took less money to go to Texas."

Wilson also brought up Cliff Lee signing with Philadelphia for a contract that wasn't quite as long as his offer from the Rangers and the Yankees. At the same time, Wilson said he wouldn't want to give a discount to any team.

"Giving a discount implies that you're sort of like telling the team to offer you less," Wilson said. "Some teams are unwilling to go past a certain point. For some teams it's years. Some teams don't want to do longer than a three-year contract and they're automatically out because if I'm getting long deals offered that's good for me because I like to have a place where I'm stable and I know where I'm going to be.

"I'd like to set up a home and live somewhere in a lot of ways. That really hasn't been possible the last couple of years in Texas because I've been going year-to-year and haven't had a defined role until this last year. The thing I like about Texas is I love my teammates. That's the No. 1 thing. It's hot. It's difficult to pitch there. It inflates your ERA. But I manage it because of being in good shape, taking care of my nutrition and all that stuff.

Wilson said every team that's still interested in him is a very good option.